At Gordon Property Management, we have been managing San Francisco rental properties for more nearly three-and-a-half decades. Over these 30-plus years, we’ve seen a lot of market shifts and a number of new laws, trends, and requirements in the residential property management space.

It’s not easy to rent out a home, especially in San Francisco.

Professional property management has become more critical than ever, whether you’re renting out a single property or an entire portfolio. A lot of owners and investors are nervous, and we can understand that. You need a property management partner you can trust, and if you haven’t found one yet, we hope you’ll consider the work we do at Gordon Property Management.

New landlords and experienced investors choose to work with our team, and we want to highlight a few of the reasons why we stand out as the leaders in San Francisco property management.

Understanding Legal Requirements and Compliance

Our staff is well-educated, especially when it comes to fair housing laws, security deposit requirements, anti-discrimination laws, and evictions. This last year has been extremely challenging for rental property owners and property managers. We’ve helped landlords and investors navigate strict eviction moratoriums, work within stronger rent control laws, and continue screening tenants even while it’s more difficult to consider income and criminal histories inside of established screening criteria. We know the legal differences between service animals and companion animals.

It’s easier than ever to make an expensive legal mistake.

Owners choose to work with our team because we’re knowledgeable. Not only do we understand the laws as they are currently written, we also advocate for our owners and their rights when new legislation is being considered.

Investing in Rental Property Maintenance to Protect Asset Value

Good maintenance in San Francisco does not come cheap. However, we believe it’s an important investment and necessary to protect the condition of your investment property. Owners appreciate our focus on preventative maintenance because it keeps emergency costs down and eliminates surprises.

We’re also responsive when it comes to routine repairs. Our tenants understand their own responsibilities and our expectations when it comes to maintaining their homes. We expect all repair needs to be reported right away because deferred and unreported maintenance is always more expensive and more challenging.

We work with licensed, insured vendors who are professionals. They are an impressive community of preferred vendors and many of them have been working with us for decades. We also keep a small staff of maintenance employees in-house, who can respond to general repairs and keep our units habitable, safe, and functioning. If we need to dispatch them to a property for any reason, their schedule is under our control, and that allows us to handle maintenance and repairs efficiently.

Delivering Innovative Technology and Transparent Communication

Technology has come a long way in the property management industry, and it’s allowed us to deliver our services more efficiently and with extra transparency. This has been especially beneficial in the way we communicate with owners, tenants, vendors, and the entire community.

It’s also made the accounting function of property management easier. We send you monthly operating statements electronically every month, and any additional financial reporting you need is easily available. Our owners are paid via direct deposit and most of our tenants pay rent online. Owners appreciate that it cuts down on late and missing payments.

This is a terrible time to be managing your own rental property, and it’s also not a great time to be working with a company that isn’t smart, flexible, and well-versed in California’s rental laws.

Why Owners Choose to Work with Gordon Property ManagementWhen you’re looking for an effective, high-quality property manager in San Francisco, please contact us at Gordon Property Management. You won’t have to compete with other priorities because managing residential real estate is all we do. We are 100 percent focused on being the best San Francisco property management company we can be.