Let’s face it; San Francisco is an expensive city to live in, and it’s an expensive city to do business in. Most of our buildings are old, and many rent controlled properties have not seen improvements or replacements in a long time. However, rental property maintenance is critical to keeping your tenants happy and preserving the condition of your property.

Property Management San Francisco: Rental Maintenance

At Gordon Property Management, we spend a lot of time maintaining our properties. We are always mindful of costs, but repairs are not cheap. We have to use licensed contractors, and those are hard to come by in San Francisco. Many of them don’t want to work for property management companies.

Property Management San Francisco: Vendor Relationships

We do have the benefit of working with a lot of great contractors, and building those relationships is a big part of what we do. We have a preferred vendor program, and once we have thoroughly vetted and worked with a contractor, that vendor will become part of our program, and you’ll be getting quality work at a fair price.

We also have our own maintenance employees who can make handyman-types of repairs quickly and efficiently. This keeps your costs down and helps us take care of minor issues right away.

Property Management San Francisco: Annual Surveys

At Gordon Property Management, we believe it’s important to get inside every unit once a year. During our annual property survey, we take the opportunity to look for major problems the tenants haven’t reported or noticed. This annual survey report is sent to you with pictures as well as recommendations about what might need to be done at the property.

A person holding a pen with hand on the table and talking with a personIf you’re having trouble maintaining your rental property in a way you’d like it to be maintained, please contact us at Gordon Property Management. I’d be happy to discuss our San Francisco property management services with you.