For Gordon Property Management, 2018 marks our 31st year managing residential real estate in San Francisco. There have been a lot of changes in 31 years. We have seen the rental market go up really fast and then cool down just as rapidly. We have also seen a lot of changes in San Francisco rent control ordinances in the last 31 years. Unfortunately, those changes have generally not benefited the landlord. At the same time, federal fair housing rules and regulations have tightened up, and California likes to pass its own rules and regulations affecting the rental housing industry.

Property Management San Francisco: Education and Communication

At Gordon Property Management, we spend a lot of time training and educating our staff in best practices. This knowledge and preparation helps us preserve the rights of the landlord in San Francisco. We also place a premium on timely communication. We feel that when someone has a question, they generally want an answer right away. Therefore, we work hard to return all phone calls, emails, and texts as soon as we can, and certainly within the same day that we receive them.

Property Management San Francisco: Maintenance

We are particularly responsive when it comes to maintenance. Gordon Property Management is fortunate to have a great circle of what we call our preferred vendors, many of whom we have been working with for a long time. We are happy with the professional services and rates they provide us. We also have two of our own maintenance employees who are available to do handyman-types of repairs. If we need to dispatch them to a property for any reason, their schedule is under our control, and that allows us to handle maintenance and repairs efficiently.

Property Management San Francisco: Accounting and Technology

Our accounting and reporting system is state of the art. We have a great software program, and owners get their monthly operating statements delivered directly to their inboxes. We scan all the bills we pay so you can see any invoices that have been charged against your property. We make direct deposits to your bank account, which is how most of our owners prefer to be paid. If you like to receive a paper check, we can do that too. With San Francisco as a tech center, we are able to utilize technology to make our processes more effective.  

Stephanie Gordon

Stephanie Gordon

If you want a property manager in San Francisco, please contact us at Gordon Property Management. Managing residential real estate is all we do. We do not sell real estate or engage in any other real estate activities. We are 100 percent focused on being the best San Francisco property management company we can be.