Rental property in San Francisco is a significant investment and having the right property management company in San Francisco manage the property is important to property owners. Different property owners have different needs and expectations and should spend a little time finding the right management company to fit their needs. A full service property management company, such as Gordon Property Management in San Francisco, makes sure that all aspects of being a landlord are covered, from finding a good tenant to maintaining the property, collecting the rent, and managing any and all issues that arise.

At Gordon Property Management, founder and President Stephanie Gordon says there are some key points to look for when evaluating a property management company. Communication is probably the most important thing to expect from a property management company. Whether it is sending an e-mail, making a phone call or understanding a personal requirement of the property owner, choose a property manager who can stay on top of it all. A timely response or a call back cements trust, understanding and a good working relationship. Property managers who stay in touch with owners whenever issues arise will have a better understanding of the owner’s needs and be able to offer a customized approach to fulfilling the property owner’s investment goals.

Knowledge of the San Francisco Rent Ordinance is another critical factor in finding a qualified property management company in San Francisco. The rent control laws in San Francisco are complicated and doing the wrong thing – in some cases doing nothing – can jeopardize the rights of San Francisco’s landlords. And the laws are changing constantly, so you need a property manager who is aware of and in sync with the changes that are happening. Stephanie Gordon of Gordon Property Management updates her knowledge of local rent control laws by being an active member of the San Francisco Apartment Association and the Professional Property Managers Association of San Francisco. Gordon suggests looking for a property manager who is a member of both of these organizations. These professional associations are dedicated to educating property managers and property-owners on best practices and how to deal with the rent control regulations in San Francisco. A property manager’s affiliation with these associations shows their commitment to their profession and to the best interests of landlords in San Francisco.

Repairs and maintenance represent a significant portion of an owner’s cost of property ownership. At Gordon PM, we firmly believe it doesn’t cost any more to fix it today than it does next week. In fact, GPMSF president Stephanie Gordon knows it costs more to not give prompt attention to tenants’ requests for maintenance and repairs. An unhappy tenant takes up staff time unnecessarily so every effort is made to respond to work requests in a timely fashion. There is no preventing unhappy tenants – it often takes time to order a replacement part or to prudently make the right repair and replacement decisions – but responding quickly and effectively to needed repairs should be a priority for any property management company worthy of a landlord’s consideration.

How the property management company markets and advertises a vacant rental unit in San Francisco is equally important. San Francisco renters are looking for rental properties online. Vacancies must be marketed with pictures, have scheduled open houses and allow prospective tenants to complete all aspects of the application process online. If a property management company in San Francisco cannot do all of the above they are behind the times. This doesn’t mean that property managers should ignore those who choose to do business the old fashioned way – there are plenty of tenants and landlords who prefer to do business on paper and should absolutely be welcome to do so – but technology users are the majority of San Francisco’s new renters.

A full service property management company should conduct a scheduled walk through of the property once a year. An annual property survey provides the management company an opportunity to focus on each property and make recommendations regarding routine and preventive maintenance. Stephanie Gordon at Gordon Property Two people shaking handsManagement feels that an annual walk through or survey is an important aspect to be expected of every landlord’s property manager.

There are lots of great property management companies in San Francisco – take a little time to find the right one for you.