We often get calls from property owners who are moving away for a short period of time, and they want to rent out their homes furnished. Today, we are addressing that question and explaining why it’s best to rent a property that’s unfurnished.

Essentially, furnished properties are short term rentals, and we don’t do that here at Gordon Property Management. There are a number of other companies around San Francisco that specialize in this area. On a short term rental, you’ll get more money per day, but you won’t keep it rented all the time. You’ll also have a lot of different people moving in and out, unlike long term rentals, where you try to find tenants who will want to stay for a while.

Long term tenants have their own furniture and belongings, and they want to make their own home. No matter how nice your furniture is, your tenants are always going to want to bring their own stuff.

We have never been successful at renting a long term apartment that is furnished. San Francisco has recently adopted new legislation regarding Airbnb and other short term rentals, which we address in another blog. I recommend that unless there’s a specific reason you don’t want to have a tenant for the long term, you rent your apartment unfurnished. Tenants really want to be surrounded by their own things.

If you have any questions about this, or you’d like to talk about your plans further, please contact us at Gordon Property Management.