When it comes to hiring a property manager, the process is really very simple. If you want to hire Gordon Property Management, you can give me a call or send me an email. We’ll talk a little bit about your property, what your goals and needs are for that property and I can answer any questions you have. If you currently have a vacant unit, I’ll want to meet you at that property (if possible) and see the vacant unit. Once I’ve seen the unit we can discuss the market rent and any repairs or upgrades that might be needed.

I can email or mail you my management agreement. You can sign the management agreement with me in person or I can arrange for you to sign it online with doc-u-sign. All I will need from you to move forward is a signed management agreement and keys to the property. Once I’ve received those items we will go to the property and take pictures so we can get the unit up and running on the rental market.

If your property is being managed by another property management company and you are looking to make a change in management the process is basically the same, it just takes a little longer – about a month in most cases. You will need to check your current management contract, but most property management companies require a 30-day notice of termination. During those 30 days, we begin the transition. We will notify all the tenants and let them know we will be taking over the management of their unit. We provide them with instructions on how to pay rent online or where to mail their rent checks. We have a welcome packet that we send to all new tenants that outlines the procedures for submitting maintenance requests and what to do in the case of emergencies. Then, we work with your current property management company to get copies of all the lease agreements and any other necessary paperwork. It’s a very painless process. Your current management company may not be happy to be losing you as a client but we have always found them willing to cooperate and provide the necessary paperwork to make a smooth transition.

I often hear from people who are not happy with their property management company, and there is no reason to stay Two people shaking handswith a company you are not satisfied with. There are a lot of great management companies here in San Francisco and making a change is an easy process. If you have a residential investment property in San Francisco and you’re looking for a management company either for the first time or because you want to switch management companies, please contact me at Gordon Property Management Company. I’d love to talk to you.