If you are wondering when you should fire your property management company, the answer is pretty simple: whenever you’re unhappy with them. When your property manager is not providing the services you expect, you should find someone new who can do a better job. If your property manager isn’t returning your phone calls or emails, you should fire them. If you aren’t getting paid every month when you expect to get a check, you should fire them. If you don’t get a monthly statement that shows you income and expenses, find another property management company.

Property owners are often reluctant to change management companies. It’s like changing doctors or accountants. You think it’s going to be really hard to start over with someone new, especially since you really know that property manager and all their faults. However, there is no excuse for bad property management. In San Francisco, there are a lot of really good property management companies. We think Gordon Property Management is one of them. We’re very responsive to our clients and we always aim to return phone calls and emails the same day we receive them. You get your checks directly deposited into your account at the same time every month and we send itemized statements that list your income and expenses. You also get a copy of every bill we pay.

At Gordon Property Management, we are open Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 and there is always someone to answer the phone and respond to your questions. If you are having trouble communicating with or getting a hold of your property manager, it’s definitely time to change.

With all of the excellent property management options available to you, there is no reason to suffer through the experience of working with a company that is not responsive and not providing you with outstanding service. If you Two people shaking handsare thinking about firing your property management company, that’s probably a pretty good indication that it’s time to do it.

If you are ready for a change, please contact us at Gordon Property Management, and we’d be happy to talk to you about the very high standards you can expect when you work with us.