High Tenant Standards Requires Careful Tenant Screening

The right resident will ensure a positive and profitable investment experience for you. At Gordon Property Management, we only work with highly qualified tenants, and we screen thoroughly to find them.

Our tenants pass a strict screening process that includes checking credit and eviction histories. We look at criminal backgrounds and rental histories. We also verify employment and income. This attention to detail and consistency in process sets us apart from other San Francisco property management companies.

Fair Housing and Established Rental Criteria

Fair housing laws in California and throughout San Francisco are often difficult to navigate. It’s easy to make a mistake, and if you do make a mistake, the penalties will be extensive and expensive. Our team helps you avoid any of those costly errors. We take care of the entire process, protecting you from fair housing claims and unintentional discrimination.

It starts with a consistent process and standard qualifying criteria.

Every single applicant 18 years of age or older will be screened the same way as every other applicant. We have a documented list of rental criteria which we share before anyone applies for a home. Prospective tenants know exactly what we’re looking for and what kinds of qualifications will be required before we approve an application.

With this type of protection in place, there can be no surprises when an applicant who falls short of our income standards gets denied. No one can accuse us of discrimination when we have specific criteria that is shared with everyone.

At Gordon Property Management, we’ve been screening San Francisco tenants for decades. None of this is new to us, even when laws and requirements change. Our processes and procedures are transparent, consistent, and legally compliant. You can count on us to deliver a tenant that has been well-screened and equitably evaluated.

Screening San Francisco tenants and surrounding areas.

Extensive Tenant Screening Protects Your Investment

We screen tenants carefully and thoroughly because your success as an investor depends on it.

As your San Francisco property managers, we don’t enjoy chasing down tenants for late rental payments. We don’t like dealing with the eviction process. We hate to clean up property damage left behind. So, we have a vested interest in placing highly qualified, reliable tenants. They help you have a better rental experience, and they help us have a better management experience.

Our leasing and management staff carefully processes every application that comes into our office. We ask for documentation and verification, and we only consider applications that are complete and compliant.

Our San Francisco tenant screening process is rigorous, consistent, and legally compliant. It includes:

  • Nationwide criminal background and eviction checks
  • Credit check and review.
  • Employment and income verification.
  • Rental history references.

We won’t make exceptions and we won’t hear excuses. Every applicant must meet our standards, or we cannot rent to them.

Finding the right resident is one of the most important functions of a San Francisco property management company. Make sure you’re working with experienced professionals who know what to look for when they’re making sense of the screening data they gather.

On-Time Rent and Lease Enforcement: Placing Quality Tenants

Our ideal San Francisco tenant will pay rent on time, take good care of the property, and follow the terms of the lease agreement. They’ll stay in place for the long term; and they’ll be open and communicative. They’ll let us know when a rental property repair is needed so we can maintain the home and protect the condition of your investment.

San Francisco has a strong and well-qualified tenant pool. We are careful to avoid long vacancy times because we know an unoccupied property is a property that’s costing you money. But, we won’t just place any warm body with a security deposit. We’re looking for high-quality tenants, and we won’t settle for anything less.

Working with the right residents allows us to pay you your rent on time. It allows us to keep a close eye on your investment and maintain an open line of communication. We want to provide a great rental experience to you as well as your tenants. To do that, we need to rent to the most responsible people we can find.


What People are Saying

Aug 14, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Very responsive- great service
Aug 12, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Gordon Property Management is amazing. Stephanie and her entire staff are reliable, have excellent judgement, and are highly professional. They are always available for questions and provide quick resolutions to any repairs or issues my tenants may have. I have absolutely zero complaints! I highly recommend them.
Aug 10, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
The staff always listens to my goals for my rental. They also have an array of maintance staff that can fix any problems that arise which takes the worry out of having investment property Highly recommended
Aug 5, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Gordon Property Management takes excellent care of their tenants and maintains their prpoperty to exceptional standards! Our property manager, Lisa, is outstanding in how she cares about the satisfaction of the tenants. We absolutely love living here!
Jul 12, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Love Gordon Property Management and am thankfull for their service. Keep up the good work

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