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At Gordon Property Management, we believe that evictions should be rare. And when you partner with our San Francisco property management team, they are. We rarely have to evict tenants because we’re careful with our screening process and we also work hard to develop positive, professional relationships with the people renting your home.

We’re proud of that. We’re also proud of our record for collecting rent on-time and ensuring the terms of your lease agreement are met. We also know that bad things happen to good people, even to good tenants. When eviction does become necessary, we’re prepared.

But before we head to court, let’s talk about how we protect you and your property against any potential evictions.

Smart Tenant Screening Prevents Evictions

Our process for screening San Francisco tenants is detailed, consistent, and legally compliant. We stick to all state and local fair housing laws, and we take a comprehensive look at every potential tenant’s financial history, credit background, and rental references.

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Tenants who can demonstrate a record of paying rent on time, following lease terms, and helping to maintain a rental home rarely have to be evicted. We always conduct a national check for past evictions, and we collect a security deposit that’s likely to cover any damage to the property during or after the tenancy.

We place high-quality tenants, and that keeps our eviction rate low.

San Francisco property management in The Mission District, The Marina, Mission Bay, and surrounding areas.

Eviction Prevention Requires Good Tenant Relationships

There’s a lot of uncertainty and risk involved in renting out a San Francisco investment property. This has been especially evident over the last couple of years, as we’ve dealt with droughts and fires and a global pandemic that led to a moratorium on evictions.

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All this uncertainty requires steady leadership and good tenant relationships. That’s what we bring to the table at Gordon Property Management.

We understand the need to protect you from unpleasant and expensive evictions. We stay up to date on all the local, state, and federal laws that tell us when it’s acceptable to evict a tenant and when it can’t be done.

We work with your residents to get rent paid on time. If that’s not going to be feasible, we come up with payment plans and promises to pay. We enforce those, and we continue working with your residents to keep them in place and your rental payments coming in.

Steps to Evicting Tenants in San Francisco

Sometimes, eviction is simply the only option.

When this happens, we partner with our experienced team of attorneys to ensure the eviction is handled professionally, correctly, and in as little time as possible. If you work with us, you can trust that you’re getting property management San Francisco investors have relied on to handle these types of situations since 1987.

Protect your property and your peace of mind. Avoid evictions with Gordon Property Management.


What People are Saying

Nov 27, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
We've experienced great success in the last year with the management of our San Francisco Parkside District rental home by Gordon Property Management. Our tenant of 4 years moved out late October and the GPM team assessed what needed to be done in preparation for a new tenant, accomplished it, photographed the property, prepared the description, went live and from a range of rental applicants, Tierney Solorio of GPM brought us our new, qualified tenant moving in 12/15. We appreciate the great customer communication & services that Tierney, and the GPM team are providing and we are grateful to have our property managed by them!
Nov 17, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Was always professional. I was glad to have them on my team.
Nov 15, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Smart, committed and hassle free!
Oct 26, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Been working with Gordon Property Management for 10+ years now. Excellent company with professional staff who are responsive, responsible, and reasonable. Hope to continue to work with them for many years to come.
Oct 18, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Couldn't ask for a better team, highly recommend to property owners thinking about management services.

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