Attracting Attention for your San Francisco Rental Property

The San Francisco rental market is competitive. Good tenants have options, and they’re well-educated. They do their research and they make smart choices. This means our marketing and advertising has to be strategic and broad. We’re effective when it comes to reaching as many prospective tenants as possible. It keeps your vacancy rate down and your rental income up.

At Gordon Property Management, we use professional photographers, online advertising, our own website, and our connections within the San Francisco community to attract potential tenants.

Online Advertising Reduces Vacancy

Most tenants are looking for their next rental property online. There are hundreds of rental sites that have homes for rent in San Francisco. For us, the online advertising starts with our own website. We get a large amount of traffic from current and potential tenants, so it’s a good place to showcase your property and provide potential tenants with all the information they need.

Our innovative property management software system allows us to reach a larger audience. We syndicate your listing out to all the rental websites that prospective tenants are using. This creates a wide net of good residents who are seeing your property and comparing it to others on the market.

The online platforms we use include Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Zumper, and dozens of others. We do much more than just list the property. We set up systems to capture all the data we can about who is looking at the ad and how that translates into people who contact us with questions or to schedule a showing. Gathering this information allows us to be flexible when necessary, whether it’s adjusting the price or highlighting specific property features.

The properties we market online attract attention quickly. This results in lower vacancies, fewer expenses, and a San Francisco property management experience that provides peace of mind and better results.

Don’t try to market and advertise your own rental property. It will take you much longer than you realize, and if you’re not a professional manager, it can be frustrating and not at all user-friendly. Our team does this every day, and we’re happy to help you get the word out about your San Francisco rental home.

Screening San Francisco tenants and surrounding areas.

Perfect Listings: Professional Photos and Detailed Descriptions

Attention spans are short and the amount of information out there is voluminous.

We know how to handle that, and we start with some great professional photos. The tenants looking at your listing are eventually going to read the details, but they’re going to look at the pictures first. They want to see what the master bathroom looks like and they want to imagine whether they’ll be able to cook in the kitchen that’s provided. They’ll look for photos of bedrooms and common areas. They’ll want to know what the front of the property looks like.

Our photographers understand the tenants’ perspective. They will make your property look its best, with an excellent use of lighting and angles.

Once we have a great selection of photos to grab the attention of great tenants, we write a description that’s just as engaging. It will include:

  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Information on parking.
  • Notes on amenities and community areas.
  • Rental price amount and deposit requirements.

We will also make sure to address whether pets are allowed and what types of rental criteria we have. Only qualified tenants will be encouraged to respond.

Most importantly, the contact information will be ours. You won’t have to worry about fielding phone calls or email messages with prospective tenants who have questions about the property and the process. We handle all of this for you.

Proactive Tenant Follow-Ups and Convenient Showings

With your listing getting all sorts of attention, we’ll field calls and messages and get people into the property to see it once we’ve done a little pre-screening to determine that they’re qualified.

We know that not being responsive is not a strategy for renting your home out quickly. Tenants will happily move onto the next listing if they can’t get anyone to pick up the phone or answer an email. We are responsive, available, and accessible. Your team at Gordon Property Management wants to rent your property as quickly as possible. We won’t lose good tenants by ignoring their questions.

After the showing, we’ll follow up and invite prospective tenants to complete an application. Our process is professional, efficient, and compliant with all state, local, and federal laws.


What People are Saying

Jul 5, 2024
Google - Gordon Property Management
GPM has continued to be very responsive and helpful to my recent apartment repairs and renter admin. questions. The quality of building maintenance repairs has risen since they started managing our building. Their staff is always courteous, professional and helpful. I am very grateful for their renter support service & to our property Owners!
May 21, 2024
Google - Gordon Property Management
Excellent and cost effective service in managing my rental unit for over a decade. Highly recommended.
May 12, 2024
Google - Gordon Property Management
Smart, committed and hassle free! As a property owner, I absolutely love working with GPMSF. They are completely transparent in their accounting and they go the extra mile to help you in any way they can.
Apr 8, 2024
Google - Gordon Property Management
Gordon Property Management is big enough to have the resources necessary to do the job and small enough to provide the personal attention needed to do it well.
Mar 19, 2024
Google - Gordon Property Management
Tierney Solorio of GPM provides exceptional service to our new tenants who are leasing our San Francisco home. Unexpected issues arose with the need for backyard fence replacement due to the February 2024 storm along with a potential furnace replacement, all carefully reviewed with us and overseen by Tierney and the GPM management staff. We are very grateful for the outstanding care that our tenants and our property receive and highly recommend GPM!

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