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Current California rental laws are complex, and in San Francisco, leasing a home is even more challenging. Therefore, your lease agreement must be specific to San Francisco and detailed. We use the San Francisco Apartment Association’s Residential Tenancy Agreement, which is what every landlord in San Francisco should be using.

Including Rent Collection Policies Leads to On-Time Payments

Collecting rent on time starts with expectations and standards. We have strict rent collection policies for our residents, and those policies are detailed in every lease agreement. This leads to residents always understanding when the payment is due, how it should be paid, and how much is owed.

We make sure your San Francisco lease agreement includes information on late fees, grace periods, and further consequences when the rent isn’t paid on time.

With this information written into the lease agreement, there can be no excuses when tenants are late. They cannot say they didn’t know when rent was due or they weren’t sure how to pay it.

Leasing San Francisco rental homes in The Mission District, The Marina, Mission Bay, and surrounding areas.

Maintenance Responsibilities and Standards to Eliminate Conflict

We’ll also include information about who is responsible for which tasks. Putting this into the lease agreement is another way we can maintain your property and keep it in excellent condition. It provides tenants with a guide for what we expect them to handle on their own and what we want to do ourselves.

As the owner, you are responsible for the general habitability of the unit and functions of all the systems, including heating and cooling and water and electricity. Tenants, however, share some of the responsibility, and your lease must be explicit about what those things are. At Gordon Property Management, our lease agreements outline:

  • Cleaning standards to avoid pests and deterioration.

  • Upkeep of common and outdoor areas.

  • Repairs and replacements of appliances.

  • Definitions of emergency maintenance.

  • Locations of emergency exits and other safety maintenance features.

The lease your residents sign will explain how we maintain your San Francisco rental property and what their role is in this endeavor. We don’t want residents to be surprised by any preventative visits from pest control companies, HVAC techs, or other service providers.

Local, State, and Federal Disclosures and Addenda are Required

We are very careful about keeping your lease agreement legally compliant and up to date with all state, federal, and local laws. We will make all necessary changes and insert any needed addenda as laws change. For example, all lease agreements in California must now reflect whether your unit is included in the new rent control laws or exempt. We include information about how and when rent increases may occur and what the limits are.

Every lease includes federal disclosures such as information about asbestos and lead paint. California leases must also disclose any bed bug issues and provide information about carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

We understand the importance of including information that’s specific to your property as well as general information that’s required by law. Not including the pertinent information could invalidate your lease. At Gordon Property Management, we make sure your lease has everything it needs to best protect you and your San Francisco rental property.


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Aug 14, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Very responsive- great service
Aug 12, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Gordon Property Management is amazing. Stephanie and her entire staff are reliable, have excellent judgement, and are highly professional. They are always available for questions and provide quick resolutions to any repairs or issues my tenants may have. I have absolutely zero complaints! I highly recommend them.
Aug 10, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
The staff always listens to my goals for my rental. They also have an array of maintance staff that can fix any problems that arise which takes the worry out of having investment property Highly recommended
Aug 5, 2023
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Gordon Property Management takes excellent care of their tenants and maintains their prpoperty to exceptional standards! Our property manager, Lisa, is outstanding in how she cares about the satisfaction of the tenants. We absolutely love living here!
Jul 12, 2023
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Love Gordon Property Management and am thankfull for their service. Keep up the good work

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