Protecting San Francisco Owners from Eviction

When Gordon Property Management is responsible for placing your tenants, evictions are rare. But, bad things can sometimes happen to good tenants, and we may find ourselves in the position that we have to evict your resident for nonpayment of rent or a lease violation.

In these cases, we’ll work closely with an experienced attorney to make sure the eviction is handled professionally, correctly, and in as little time as possible. If you work with us, you can trust that you’re getting property management San Francisco investors have relied on to handle these types of situations since 1987.

Evictions are Rare Because We Screen Thoroughly

Why is our eviction rate so low? Because at Gordon Property Management, we are rigorous with our screening practices. We also develop and maintain outstanding professional relationships with our residents. Even during the ongoing COVID-19 catastrophe, we are in contact with our tenants regularly and working through economic uncertainties and eviction moratoriums. It’s an easier process for us than it is for other landlords because our tenants trust us, and we trust them. That leads to fewer evictions and less money lost for owners.

Our tenant screening process is almost eviction-proof because we look at credit, income, and rental history. We make sure your residents have a long and verifiable history of paying rent on time. We search national eviction records. It’s about protecting your property and eliminating risk.

Doing a little extra work before we place a tenant means we have less work to do in the long term. It means we don’t have to chase down late rent or send Pay or Quit notices every month. We can help our owners avoid court costs and legal fees. If you want to avoid evictions in your rental property, make sure you’re working with a San Francisco property management company like Gordon Property Management, where removing tenants is rare.

Managing San Francisco rental homes in The Mission District, The Marina, Mission Bay, and surrounding areas.

Just Cause Evictions in San Francisco: Removing Bad Tenants

San Francisco has had very strict rent control laws and just cause eviction rules long before California adopted statewide rent control laws in 2020. In order to remove a tenant from a rental unit in San Francisco you need to meet one of the just causes specified in the San Francisco Rent Ordinance.

At Gordon Property Management, we are proactive in following the current laws and staying up to date on the changing laws, especially when it pertains to evictions and tenant relations.

We work hard to protect your investment and avoid placing bad tenants. If we need to address removing a tenant, we’ll talk to you about all your options and provide the best possible advice based on our experience and understanding of the legislative climate.

Working with California Courts that are Rarely Owner-Friendly

California is notorious for being tenant-friendly. In San Francisco, the Tenants Union is a fierce advocate for people who are renting properties.

Your team of professional San Francisco property managers at Gordon Property Management is your advocate. We’ll make sure you understand everything that’s required by law to evict a tenant, and we’ll do everything we can to avoid the courts. We want to save you money and time, and we want to protect your investment.

We work with some of the best legal partners in San Francisco. If we do need to go to court, we’ll be working with someone who is experienced, qualified, and well-connected.


What People are Saying

Nov 27, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
We've experienced great success in the last year with the management of our San Francisco Parkside District rental home by Gordon Property Management. Our tenant of 4 years moved out late October and the GPM team assessed what needed to be done in preparation for a new tenant, accomplished it, photographed the property, prepared the description, went live and from a range of rental applicants, Tierney Solorio of GPM brought us our new, qualified tenant moving in 12/15. We appreciate the great customer communication & services that Tierney, and the GPM team are providing and we are grateful to have our property managed by them!
Nov 17, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Was always professional. I was glad to have them on my team.
Nov 15, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Smart, committed and hassle free!
Oct 26, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Been working with Gordon Property Management for 10+ years now. Excellent company with professional staff who are responsive, responsible, and reasonable. Hope to continue to work with them for many years to come.
Oct 18, 2023
Google - Gordon Property Management
Couldn't ask for a better team, highly recommend to property owners thinking about management services.

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